Samer launched his first set of songs divided into 6 CDs in Syria ,Jordan and Lebanon from 1997 till 2002. They included folkloric songs for both Syrian and Lebanese ,coast and mountain. CD titles: 1-Mouchta’ la ouyounak 2-Jabbar 3-Leil w sahar 4-Live party with samer gabro 5-Farhat Al Omr 6-AAbali These Cds are found on the Syrian and lebanese market. They are not spread world wide for the simple reason that there is no production company currently for the singer. 2004: This year was the launching of the artist samer gabro on the Lebanese market ; “ T’ila shway” song, and a Lebanese medley which made of him a recognized star. The success of “T’ile shway” made the Lebanese newspapers write about it and about samer gabro. 2005: Alla 3ala Hobbak 2007: Habbaytik Aktar Ma Fiyi ,Mechtak 2008: Ya Nassini 2009: “Ana Habbet” ‘s album EL lala 2010: NEW ALBUM “Wayno Elli Biy7ebbik “ soooooon Samer performed in many countries: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, UAE, KSA, Tunisia, Monaco (MonteCarlo), France (Cannes), Holland, Sweden, Germany and others. Samer is an artist ,performer,writer and composer. His ambition is to be an international star,and to sing Arabic songs through which he can fulfill the teenagers’ with new topics one has never written .